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Playtime Pals

Trailblazers        $5/15 mins.

A one-on-one walk in our grassy exercise area with a personal fitness instructor.  We provide treats and toys, but you may provide some extras if you would like.  Great exercise for those active dogs!


Romper Room      $5/15 mins.

Your pet will play off leash with his or her camp counselor in one of our designated play yards. This is sure to be a romping good time for your furry friend. 


Cat & Mouse        $5/15 mins.


A totally active playtime for your cat designed to delight the most finicky feline.  You may provide catnip to enhance this time with your cat. A very fun session for those wild and crazy cats!


Rocking Chair/Story Time       $4/10 mins.


Have your dog rocked and gently brushed for the best in relaxation!  A story that is pet appropriate will be shared along with a snack.  (For those older pets or lap babies who just want to be hugged!)





Buddytime        $15/45 mins.



For the very pampered pet!

During the alotted time, we can cuddle on a sofa and watch a movie with your dog, or play with a favorite toy.  You may provide your pet’s favorite video or we will provide a pet appropriate video for you. Just let us know what your pet likes!


Treats and toys are included in all packages.




Dear Potential Playtime Pals Customer,

The objective of the Playtime Pals Program is to promote human interaction and exercise while your pet is staying with us.  At Lowe's Pet Motel, we believe in doing everything possible to make your pet's stay more comfortable and enjoyable.  We also believe that while you go on your vacation, your pet should have a vacation as well.  Some owners like their pet to have a playtime everyday, some treat their pet to a playtime every other day, and some schedule one playtime in the middle of the stay.  It's all about your pet's individual need.  Above is the list of services we offer.  We look forward to playing with your pet on their next stay!


 Kelly  Lowe, Owner


Lowe's Pet Motel & Grooming is privately owned and operated and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.