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Pampered Pets /Suites
Themed Rooms For Pets Who Have Everything and Expect More!!!



Our Pampered Suites feature Cable T.V.,        

your choice of themes, and special one on one attention multiple times per day. We also have a tuck in service. These suites are perfect for that special fur baby that is calm and likes to be indoor. These suites are not recommended for extra large dogs or dogs that stay outside 50% of the time. Owners are responsible for any damage created by your pet as a response to anxiety or separation.


Sports Suite          

  • This suite is full of fun. It has something for all sports enthusiast. Pennants from all teams are on the wall to represent your favorite team. 


Western Suite 

  • Our Western Suite offers a root tootin good time for those who like all things rustic. 



Princess Suite 


  • The Princess Suite is filled with all of our favorite princess characters. It has everything a Royal Princess could want.


Super Hero Suite   

  •   Your fur baby will be surrounded by some of the most iconic super heroes of all time. 



The Beach Suite 

  • Our guest love this room. The colors are so soothing and the murals make the room feel like a day at the beach next to a cool blue sea.



New Pampered Pet Suites


Snoopy Suite



  • This is one of our newest suites! Thanks to a wonderful friend it is loaded with lots of fun items for our puppy friends to enjoy!



Paris  Suite         



  •  The city of love.  This new suite is the sweetest little get away for your prince or princess. 


Minnie Suite     


  • Let your pets share a room with Minnie Mouse, while they take a nap on their very own Minnie Bed.