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Please remember that we must have an official copy
of your pet's vaccination record prior to check-in.
For convenience, you may want to suggest that your
veterinarian fax a copy directly to us at  940-851-5095

Reservations made during a Holiday period should be checked against the Calendar to ensure that your drop off and pick up days are available.   A 2 night per pet deposit is required for all major holiday reservations.

If your schedule is time sensitive the morning of your arrival please consider coming the afternoon before.

If you are making your reservation through a military mailbox you will not receive a confirmation from our site due to security restrictions. To receive a confirmation of your reservation please email us at , and we will confirm through a private mailbox. Or simple give us a call. 940-855-8933

Lowe's Pet Motel & Suites is privately owned and operated and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.