for 25 Years of Service

 Lowe's Pet Motel & Suites is a family owned and operated business. We offer kenneling as well as grooming for dogs. We live on site and are never far away from our guests. Our facility is surrounded on all sides by 6 ft.privacy fencing. Your dog's run is secured on all sides to deter those prone to climbing from going over the top. A clip is used on all run gates to prevent even the most clever dog from escaping. Our property is closed off to the public by a six foot security gate that is padlocked during our closed periods.  



1. Indoor/Outdoor Kennel area.


  This area offers each animal a 4' by 4' area on the inside which is heated and cooled. It has an open passage that allows your pet to freely go outside according to their needs. The outside part of the run is 4' by 20' and covered to provide shade, shelter, and security.




 2. Pampered Pet Suites


The Pampered Pet Suite is a luxury accommodation for that special furry canine friend.  These suites have everything to make your pet

feel like they are in a

5 Star Hotel. Each suite has its own theme such as :

The Sports Room, The Western Suite,

The Princess Room, Super Heroes, and The Beach.


Our Pampered Pet Suite includes amenities found in your own home, such as T.V., Music, Designer Beds with fresh linens, a toy box, and  much more. Your pet will also get multiple potty breaks during the day. 

We can't wait for your pet to enjoy this extra-ordinary aspect of 

Lowe's Pet Motel & Suites.                            


3.Dog Day Care


Is available but only within our operating schedule.









SHOT RECORDS - Must be up to date! Due to the increasing illnesses in the community we require that all vaccinations are given at least 7 days before boarding. We will not accept vaccinations given by the owner. You will need to bring a current copy of the following vaccinations on a print out form from a veterinarian's office:

  • Rabies every year unless the Rabies Certificate states that the vaccination is a three year vaccine.
  • Parvo/Distemper Combo or DHPPV” or "DA2PPV" or "DA2PP"every year
  • Bordetella* every 6 months for the nasal; once a year for the injectable. For more information click HERE

    *Dogs receiving the nasal Bordetella vaccine can not have received it within 7 days of their boarding date. There will be NO exceptions!!!!  


For more information about vaccinations click on the link below, then click on vaccine guidelines and proceed to pages 6 and 7. 


AAHA Vaccination Guidelines



   FOOD - All pet owners are required to provide their own food. For more information as to our reasons for this policy click here . There has been a change in the Health Dept. requirements for dog food storage in a kennel. All food must be in a sealable, rubbermaid, or metal type container with a lid. Do not send food in paper bags or loose in a plastic grocery or garbage bag. Please no breakable cups, scoops, or bowls. We will no longer feed half of a full size can of food. You will need to provide a small can if you wish your dog to have a small amount of can at each feeding, daily. Treats are welcomed.

Toys and bedding are allowed. We highly recommend older disposable bedding. Some dogs are persistant in sharing and shredding. All toys and bedding left with your pet are left at your own risk. Lowe's Pet Motel will not be responsible for any damage or loss during your pets stay. All bedding must be clean and free of parasites. Pets will be checked for fleas and ticks at time of check-in. If your pet has fleas or ticks they will be dipped at the owners expense before entering the kennel. We guarantee your pet will go home insect free. Please let us know if you feel that your pet left our facility with pests they did not arrive with. We will take care of them. If you would like for your dog to be groomed before he or she goes home be sure to share that information at the time of your reservation. This would be your best way to guarantee an insect free exit.

We always operate by reservations so be sure to contact us by E-mail, website, or phone.  

Lowe's Pet Motel & Suites is privately owned and operated and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.