Fleas and Ticks


As we move into the summer we wanted to share with you some precautions that we are taking to prevent fleas and ticks. We use a chemical called Permethrin. It is a 10% professional strength chemical and the best at combatting fleas and ticks that we have found. Because of the extreme heat last year and the mild winter the insect population is at an all time high. We will be spraying the kennel every three weeks inside and out in an attempt to keep the insects out and away from your pet. But that is not our only problem, all dogs entering the kennel will be checked for fleas and ticks. This means a longer check in. If your pet is a biter and will not let us check him for fleas and ticks it will be your responsibility to hold and/or muzzle your pet so that he or she can be examined. If a pet is found to have fleas and/or ticks they will be dipped at the customers expense. We will also do a short exit check for fleas and ticks to ensure that your pet is insect free. 

Please don't think that because you have been free from fleas and ticks in the past that it is true this year. We would like to encourage you to inspect your pet regularly for insects. We strive to maintain a clean and insect free kennel and we appreciate your help in doing so.

Thank you so much for your business. We appreciate each and every customer.

Kelly Lowe

Lowe's Pet Motel & Suites is privately owned and operated and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.